Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Book review--Where Has Oprah Taken Us?

This book is an interesting combination of biography (of Oprah) and philosophy. Stephen Mansfield takes us through Oprah's difficult childhood and into her rise to fame and the development of her worldview and religious beliefs, both of which are a hodge podge of New Age ideas and confusion. Mansfield also shows us how the average American TV viewer has followed Oprah's ideas and ideology and taken them as his or her own. Oprah's religious views mirror much of Post-Modernism and its tenets--all roads lead to heaven and as long as it feels like the right thing, it is the right thing for me. Sadly, as the author puts it, Oprah "began well but faltered and chose a thin religious jumble instead of a bold, tested connection with God". I hope, as does Mansfield, that Oprah recovers herself and finds what she lost, for perhaps America will do the same.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Friday, October 14, 2011

The twins are 3 years old!

This is a typical "brotherly love" pose: Evan pushing Ethan away, Anson trying to get both of them to do something (here to be excited about their birthday cakes!
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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Way to Blessing

A book I am re-reading in my devotional time (One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp) has a story I feel is worth sharing.

"A long time ago, a preacher named James H. McConkey asked a friend of his, a doctor, 'What is the exact significance of God's touching Jacob upon the sinew of the thigh?'"
"And the doctor told him, 'The sinew of the thigh is the strongest in the human body. A horse couldn't even tear it apart.'"
These are the words I have never forgotten, what preacher McConkey said: "Ah, I see. The Lord has to break us down at the strongest part of our self-life before He can have His own way of blessing with us."

A Riveting Book

This book (Ascent from Darkness by Michael Leehan) is so riveting that I finished it (all 200 plus pages) in fewer than twenty-four hours. Michael Leehan describes his downward descent into following Satan and the misery he existed in throughout the twenty year period of serving Satan. Michael's struggle with the darkness of Satan's mind control paints a vivid picture of the very real spiritual battle that is ongoing in our world today. Ascent from Darkness is a must-read for anyone involved in Christian ministry today.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Another book review for

This review is about the book: God's Love Letters to You: A 40-Day Devotional Experience (Paperback)

This book is an excellent idea and is well-written. It summarizes each book of the Bible as far as its purpose, intent and what it says to us, individually. However, I feel it would be more enlightening and helpful if Dr. Crabb would expand each summary to more than just a paragraph or two.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

An Interesting Book

Money Secrets of the Amish is an easy read, and is full of helpful examples and tips. The author does a good job of making thriftiness something fun and easy to do. Her examples from real life people (not all of whom are Amish)are easy to follow and easy to implement. She covers everything from saving money to resourcefulness with the money and possessions one already owns. She gives good examples of what NOT to do with money (ie. waste it on credit card fees, "sales" at favorite retailers) in addition to her own process of the whys and hows of managing money.

This book is not a stuffy textbook on Economics, but instead is a witty, practical book covering money management in real life America, where most of us have too much stuff and not enough time or money to handle the afore mentioned "stuff".

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